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Autor:Bell, Eric ; Bigelowe, Lisa Jenn ; Herring Blake, Ashley ; Bunker, Lisa ; Gino, Alex ; Ireland, Justina ; Yin Khor, Shing ; Lockington, Mariama J. ; Nijkamp, Marieke ; Ortega, Claribel ; Oshiro, Mark ; Knox Ostertag, Molly ; Salazar, Aida ; Sass, A. J. ; Locke, Katherine ; Melleby, Nicole
Titel:This is our rainbow
Titelzusatz:16 stories of her, him, them and us
Verfasserangabe:Eric Bell, Lisa Jenn Bigelow, Ashley Herring Blake u.a. ; edited by Katherine Locke and Nicole Melleby
Erschienen:London [u.a.] : A Yearling book, 2023. - 328 Seiten. - schwarz-weiße Illustrationen
Preis:9,50 Euro
Standort:Englisch This
Schlagwort(e):Englisch ; LGBTQIA+ ; Diversität ; Queerness ; Kurzgeschichten
Annotation:A boyband fandom becomes a conduit to coming out. A former bully becomes a first-kiss prospect. One nonbinary kid searches for an inclusive athletic community after quitting gymnastics. Another nonbinary kid, who happens to be a pirate, makes a wish that comes true--but not how they thought it would. A tween girl navigates a crush on her friend's mom. A young witch turns herself into a puppy to win over a new neighbor. A trans girl empowers her online bestie to come out. From wind-breathing dragons to first crushes, This Is Our Rainbow features story after story of joyful, proud LGBTQA+ representation. You will fall in love with this insightful, poignant anthology of queer fantasy, historical, and contemporary stories.


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Alex Gino The purr-cle of life
Lisa Jenn Bigelow Girl's best friend
Shing Yin Khor The makeover
Claribel A. Ortega Paper planes
Lisa Bunker Petra & Pearl
Justina Ireland I know the way
A. J. Sass Balancing acts
Eric Bell Come out, come out wherever you are
Mariama J. Lockington Devoyn's pod
Mark Oshiro Guess what's coming to dinner
Molly Knox Ostertag The Golem and the Mapmaker
Katherine Locke The wish & the wind dragon
Marieke Nijkamp Splinter & Ash
Aida Salazar Menudo fan club
Nicole Melleby Stacy's Mum
Ashley Herring Blake Sylvie & Jenna

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