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Autor:Foer, Jonathan Safran
Titel:Here I Am
Verfasserangabe:Jonathan Safran Foer
Erschienen:Penguin, 2017. - 571 Seiten
Preis:7,99 Euro
Standort:Belletristik / FOER
Interessenkreis:Englisch ; Autoren aus USA
Annotation:Jacob and Julia Bloch are about to be tested . . . By Jacob's grandfather, who won't go quietly into a retirement home. By the family reunion, that everyone is dreading. By their son's heroic attempts to get expelled. And by the sexting affair that will rock their marriage. A typical modern American family, the Blochs cling together even as they are torn apart. Which is when catastrophe decides to strike . . . Confronting the enduring question of what it means to be human with inventiveness, playfulness and compassion, Here I Am is a great American family novel for our times, an unmissable read for fans of Jonathan Franzen and Michael Chabon, a masterpiece about how we live now.


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